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  • HYDRATech Instant is a delicious, electrolyte hydration drink mix formulated for optimal absorption to support physical activity.
  • How It Works - Your body is 60% water, and if you start drying up, so does your ability to perform. Sweating and breathing causes you to lose body fluid, and the nutrients (electrolytes) that allow your muscles to work are leaked along with it. Research shows that losing as little as 2% of your bodyweight in fluid negatively affects athletic performance. That means that a 165-pound athlete who weighs in at 162 at halftime needs to replenish him/herself, or risk struggling in the second half.
  • Caffeine Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Vegan
  • Optimize Your Hydration - Onnit HYDRATech Instant is the optimal hydration for sustained performance - any time you sweat.
  • HYDRATech Instant provides the electrolyte minerals that help to restore what you lose during hard workouts or competitions, especially on hot summer days.

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